Gas Stove Safety is Going Seamless and Smart

DishKnob is the world's first gas stove knob that features a smart and automatic timer. This unique device prevents users from inadvertently leaving the gas stove on, thereby averting dry burning or potential fire hazards. It also works as a versatile timer, emitting an audible alert based on customer-set time intervals. DishKnob is compatible with 95% of gas stoves worldwide, boasting an attractive design, exceptional user experience, and unwavering reliability, changing the way you approach your home safety.

Don't Leave Your Home Vulnerable to Unattended Cooking Fires Anymore

Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association reveal that between 2014-2018, US fire departments handled an average of 172,900 home structure fires triggered by cooking each year. This led to 550 civilian deaths, 4,820 injuries, and property damage exceeding $1 billion. Unattended cooking was the primary cause, and more than 25% of fatalities occurred while people were asleep. If you share our concern, it's time to put an end to these preventable tragedies, and that's precisely why we created DishKnob!

Audible Reminders: Set and Forget, DishKnob Will Remind You

DishKnob audibly reminds users when the gas cooker has been in use for a preset period of time without a knob status change.Quite simply, even if you forget to turn DishKnob off, it will audibly remind you, ensuring your gas stove is never left unattended!

DishKnob is compatible with over 95% of gas stoves worldwide and offers versatile installation options with various D-port adapters, allowing for oblique, vertical, or horizontal placement. Replacing your original gas cooktop knob is a simple, non-destructive process with DishKnob. You won’t need to hire any electrician or gas installation professional for the job: literally anyone can install it in less than one minute!

  • Auto Time Mode

    When cooking in Auto Ti Mode, DishKnob starts a countdown timer that resets when you change the knob direction. Change the default knob time by tapping the screen for 4 seconds, allowing you to set a new preset time.

  • Custom Timer Mode

    Adjust the timer manually with the plus and minus indicators, activating the Timer Mode. The timer continues counting without resetting, even if you change the fire strength or knob direction, giving you full control over your cooking.

Exquisite and Robust Design

The tasteful modern appearance of the OLED touch screen, along with its metal body and an attractive square pattern, are reminiscent of high-end watches, and will look fantastic on your kitchen! On the other hand, crafted from a robust zinc aluminum alloy, DishKnob is resistant to heat and water, designed to last and keep you and your home safe for years to come.

How DishKnob Works

Gas Stove Safety

Prevent users from inadvertently leaving the gas stove on.

Automatic Timer

Easy to set the timer and make any desired preset adjustments.

Global Compatibility

Compatible with over 95% of gas stoves worldwide.

Whats In The Box

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s DishKnob’s battery autonomy per charging cycle?

Taking in consideration the average family cooking patterns, DishKnob can work for 2 months per charging cycle.

Should I be worried about overheating?

DishKnob is equipped with built-in temperature sensors that lead to a sound alert when the temperature is too high.

Is DishKnob compatible with my existing gas stove knob shape and position?

DishKnob can be installed in an oblique, vertical, or horizontal way.

Does DishKnob automatically return to the OFF state?

No, but DishKnob issues a sound alert as a reminder for you to turn it OFF.